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14/4 18

Its been a while since a comment.  So many things happening that the time just passes by.  Annual Town meeting next Thursday so should get some questions for the Police judging by the comments on Facebook.

12/3/18 Well what a weekend!  Got the Big Clean off and running and a big thank you to the 100 people who turned up on a not too pleasant morning.  40 bags filled with the majority of detritus coming from the Town not the beach.   Mothering Sunday service at St Gregory’s was a very pleasant experience as Jeremy mentioned my favourite priest Martin Luther who I admire greatly.  And then later Arsenal won their second match in 3 days so there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Amen

4/3/18 Well the snow has gone and the Grandkids will be following.  Teddy loved the snow on Thursday but not the ice on Friday.  Next week we have the first Seaton Town event, the Big Clean.

23/2/18 Another day of Facebook wars.  One wonder’s why I do it.  Some people do not like what  they here and get ticked off.  Trying to get info about our street sweeper Clive from Streetscene, still waiting.

18/02/18 A quiet day was had here in Seaton.  Interesting sermon at the Parish Church made me think about others in a better frame of mind.

17/02/18 Very happy to win a second game of skittles tonight at the Hook & Parrots after  bad loss to the Social.  It seems Facebook warriors have been busy, Labours momentum group have been busy but that is what you would expect.

12/05/18 Interesting weekend we have had.  Marshlands had a Crime & Safety Roadshow which suffered from the appalling weather on Saturday.  Premier Inn fared better with their free coffee & cake and the opening by the Deputy Mayor Martin Pigott.  Half Term beckons with child-minding taking priority this week.

05/02/18 Well a cold day today here in Seaton.  Just found out the cost of the damage to my wife’s car for going into 2 potholes Friday night, over £300 for new wheel & tyre.  It was quite frightening for the Grandchildren when the car started to swerve as there is not much spare room on the Seaton Road.  To cap it all had to get the AA out because the wheel would not come off probably due to the jolt the car got.  Then to lose at skittles after capped of a crap day!  Today we have the Town Council meeting let us hope it does not go on to long.

31/01/18 Another day another dollar, the sun is shinning.

28/01/18 The morning was very mild here in Seaton.  Went to Morning service at St Gregs without a coat,  must be Spring around the Corner!  Attended  the Library’s youth groups presentation for the #HolocaustMemorialDay yesterday and was moved.  Having been brought up in an area where a large Jewish community live I have ‘lived’ with knowing the suffering of others.  I am sure this is one of the reasons I became a Councillor to do what I could for others less fortunate than myself.

26/01/18  Well nice to see Arsenal can actually win a football match and I didn’t even see it!  Friends of Seaton Library had a meeting yesterday and it was good to see enthusiastic people encouraging the written word.  I feel the odd one out as I spent too much time on social media!  But then again I am the social media person.  Ended up walking 3 dogs this morning so I must be getting fitter!  East Devon finally picked up the Dog Poo reported on Monday!

21/01/18 A long journey was had today.  A seaside walk and then a church service.  Then a trip to Taunton to take a bed to Exeter.  Well at least I found the place without too much trouble.  I hope I gave them all the parts, I can’t help feeling I left something behind!

20/01/18  Another Saturday without the Grandchildren, way hay.  Sadly lost at skittles last night by 4.  Clutched defeat out of victory I think it goes.  Attended a very interesting meeting at the Hospital on Thursday about services that my be provided in the area.  I look forward to hearing more from Roger Trapani on that.

17/01/18 Another strange day here in Seaton with the weather changing all the time.  Great seeing Streetscene clearing up the vegetation at Castle Hill.  Will make it easier for the walkers & dogs.  Town Council, on Monday, agreed their new budget for 2018/9.  I abstained as I felt we should have increased it by another £3.14 a year, less than 7p a week.  But Democracy rules and we shall see for the forthcoming year, hoping that some Councillors do not ask for more money to be spent on their pet projects.

15/01/18 What a morning, wet & windy down here by the seafront, still waiting for the weather to improve to take Teddy & Willow out.

12/01/18 Had an interesting meeting yesterday morning at Marshlands of the Seaton Regeneration forum.  Positive comments on various projects were voiced and I left very encouraged about the coming season here in Seaton.  Played skittles at the Hook & Parrot tonight & we won by 34 pins, I played crap but a win is a win.

11/01/18 Had a very enjoyable evening at Marshlands last night.  Seaton Carnival gave out £1925 to local organisations who helped in someway to make the 2 events successful.

10/01/18 Well Tonight we have the Carnival AGM at Marshlands.  It has been a good & successful year for us with the 2nd time we had a Christmas parade, mind the weather was absolutely freezing for the poor Majorettes.

09/01/18  Attended DMC meeting at Sidmouth this morning.  No Seaton applications but there was an interesting one, the Cat & the Fiddle.  Has got permission to improve the pub, not too difficult and a 35 bed Hotel.  Will it affect the Premier Inn in Seaton, I don’t think so.

08/01/18 A frustrating day, trying to sort out family’s and residents problems.

06/01/18 A cold morning here in Seaton but Teddy did not mind he just enjoys meeting other Dogs & their owners.  Attended the Church service at St Gregory’s after, a bit late, a pleasant experience meeting nice people who have goodness in their heart.  Sounds cheesy but I think so.  Well back to the Grankids who drove me mad last night not wishing to go to sleep!  Looking at pics on Facebook of yesteryear and people saying how nice they were and how busy the Town was.  Sadly times change with technology … computers phones pads TV radio cars planes …. the internet!!! Is it a wonder that people do not go out & socialise!

05/01/18  Not a bad day this morning.  Sun, sea not too bad here in Seaton.

04/01/18 Well today it is still windy but the seawall still shelters the Esplanade & Town from any serious flooding.  However much we gripe at the ‘ugliness’ or ‘blandness’ of it, it serves its purpose well.

03/01/18 It was a late blog for the 2nd but has turned out to be the 3rd.  Started dieting again to try and be fitter for the sake of the knees & other parts of the body that ache!!  Attended the Full Council meeting at Marshlands for Seaton Town Council it was a strange affair.  We had local residents fight the good fight to get a pedestrian crossing for Harbour Rd supported, I of course supported it as it was a shame Devon County put it in the wrong place!!! This evening had the great displeasure of watching Arsenal drawing with Chelsea, how did that happen!  Missed the Cabinet meeting at EDDC tonight due to child-minding, I hope we do not let the Tories of the hook.

31/12/17 Well here we are the last day of the year.  Looking out of the window I can see that the sea is noisy and not too pleasant.  Still the Dog needs his walk & so do I.   Will have to start the dieting again Monday or Tuesday?  At least I will not be driving today.

29/12/17 A weird sort of day weather wise.  I managed to enjoy the wind, rain & sun within 10 minutes and came home wet!  Even Teddy wasn’t impressed.

27/12/17  Very impressed with EDDC refuge already out and about collecting waste. Took dog for a lovely walk along the front and in Town.  Picked up more dog poo left by others!  So few shops open but well done to Byrne-Jones & Animal Botanics for being there as I needed to go into both.  Lots of people parking on the seafront and walking on the prom, something they haven’t been able to do for the past few days.

25/12/17 Well Christmas day coming to an end.  Attended the Holy Communion at the local Parish Church.  It was an uplifting experience and to see Cllr Shaw there most strange.  A quiet day was had as the Grandchildren went of to their respective fathers.  The weather has been wind & rain from this afternoon but the morning was OK.  Met a few dog owners and exchanged pleasantries.

13/12/17  A not very nice day here in Seaton today with the wind & rain winning the day.  Read the front page of the Midweek Herald with disbelief on Dog fouling.  It stated that Seaton had reported 60 dog fouling incidents over 4 years.  This relates to 15 a year supposedly.  I have personally reported more than 15 incidents this year!

11/12/17  The weather is cold but dry here in Seaton.  The seafront was deserted except for dog walkers this morning.  Glad to see the noticeboard on the front has been repaired after a few weeks in disrepair.

9/12/17 It seems that the Christmas Grinch has been affecting my website over the last couple of weeks and denying me access.  But we are finally back after spending a hell of a lot of time organising the Christmas Carnival and late night shopping events in Seaton last week! It all went well on the night with a slight hiccup with the choir.

20/11/17 Nice to be back on after a couple of weeks.  I hope it doesn’t break down again.  Tonight we have the Communities meeting at Marshlands for the Town Council.  We will be discussing next years budget so hopefully we will be putting on some events in our beautiful town.

25/10/17 Again a lovely day here in Seaton.  Went to Age@uk in Seaton at number one.  Every Wednesday they have a coffee/tea morning and encourage people to mix and natter.  It is a good idea to get people out of there houses and socialise.  It seems though that they are competing with the URC in Cross Street, though, who do not charge.  Perhaps a conversation is needed?  Half term is here and I have an annoying Granddaughter leaning on me while I am writing this!  She of course wants to use the computer, but only if she behaves.  Full Council meeting at Sidmouth tonight and a lesson in social media earlier.

8/10/17 What a lovely day here in Seaton today.  The sun shinning, makes one forget that it is October.  Went to a memorial celebration for Margaret Rogers, a lady who served Seaton well for many years, in Branscombe.  Forget that you cannot get a phone signal down there, I am sure the residents probably like it that way!  Got a Council meeting tomorrow at Marshlands so lets hope it does not go on to long as I will be the one to blame!  Got to get the Town Guide sorted out for next year.

26/09/17  An interesting morning here in #Seaton with the Coach park having 13 coaches in situ and 2 parked elsewhere.  It comes when the Tramway station is being dismantled to make way for the new Terminus.  Comes after a Traffic meeting held at Marshlands yesterday afternoon.  The Underfleet bus stops  were discussed and the absolutely appalling traffic enhancement scheme to improve cycling & pedestrian movement.

24/09/17 Went to the Axe Valley Wildlife Park today, to look at their Guinea pigs.  Found they do not sell them anymore, it is along time since we where were there last.  We had a nice time there, they have some lovely animals there, I always like the Lynx’s such beautiful creatures, and of course the goats!!  Then I come back to hear Corbyn hasn’t even allowed any debate on the EU membership!  The guy is a total waste of space.  All those people who voted  Labour must be feeling let down

22/09/17 Well today has definitely been a day of changes I failed to get back to Brian Sanderson about fishing boat rights on the seafront.  Found out the phone line in Queen St has been out for a month whilst the internet has not been interrupted.  Also the laptop we gave them suddenly stopped working & the TV channels reduced to 24.  Not an auspicious to the day was had especially as my printer developed a paper jam as well.  To cut a long story short the phone line has a fault, got a new lead for laptop, took printer in for repair & sorted out the TV (96 channels), more than before!  Met an old friend visiting & he joined us playing #skittles for the Hook & Parrot ‘parrots’ against #millwey misfits.  We won by 352-298 a 41 pin improvement from last week!  We have a good team, much like that led by Vince Cable, I think , after yesterdays 2 by-election gais from Labour, we are going to have a good year!  Then I get a Facebook friend request from someone that supports everything I don’t stand for, except Jesus Christ.  Maybe that is the big ask!

20/09/17 This is getting to be a habit!  The weather here in Seaton has definitely taken a turn.  The applications to run the Grizzly are out, I would have loved to done it, a great event that puts Seaton on the map.   We are suffering from people that have not lived here too long and do not understand the problems that we have suffered in the past.  Seaton did very little in the way of promoting itself until the appointing of a Marketing & Events manager!  Karin Frewin has done wonders for Seaton and raised our profile, how else would we be on National TV etc when something goes wrong!  We are at the top of the game, long my it live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19/09/17 6 days since my last post what is happening!  Listened to Vince Cable today & got a bit inspired.  Spoke on the issues I believe we have to preserve.  One was civil liberties, haven’t heard that one lately.  People have rights and leaving the EU is not going to help that one bit. 1p on Income Tax for the NHS is so needed, nurses are in short supply & that situation will only get worse.  The Mendip Mule issue is rolling on & I have stuck up for the Town Council, the Underfleet bus stops & traffic measures are a disgrace!

13/09/17 3 months since my last post, lost an election in the meantime, must have been suffering from depression!  Still my opponent Cllr Martin Shaw was going to save the Hospital Beds at Seaton Hospital.  Sadly he didn’t but he did get elected so we wait and see what he can do for Seaton.  I currently have an attack of the hiccups whilst my wife is in Australia totally unrelated but makes a conversational party piece.  The Mendip Mule issue is something that has brought Seaton no good.  Seaton Town Council & its District Councillors, to my knowledge have been supportive.

14/6/17  Had a lovely walk along the seafront with my 2 Aussie grandchildren in tow.  First time for ages I had an ice-cream with them at 1 scoop 2, very nice.  People are so much nicer when the weather is glorious.  Pupils from #sidmouth college doing surveys on #seaton took part in a questionnaire.

13/5/17 So today we hear that the Judicial review of the decision to take away the beds at Seaton Community Hospital is not taking place. I believe that there will be many people, who believed that the beds would be saved by some political group, who will be upset at this failure. At Colyton Grammar School today Seaton Majorettes performed their first routine of the year. They were great but as I have 4 grandchildren in it I would say that. Great to see so many people enjoying the weather on the seafront today & even better seeing the graffiti gone after I complained about it, that is what Councillors are for!!

16/4/17 I have been in Beer yesterday at Peco for A-Jays birthday party. Had a chat with Michael Pritchard, lovely chap, and I must say #Peco is a great attraction for this part of Devon! Saw Helen there, hope she didn’t get lost! Earlier I was leafleting a few areas in Seaton and was greeted by some who said you don’t need to as we are voting for you anyway. Having problems getting some more Poster boards done as I am lacking in wooden stakes. 6 more should be up with another 5 to be confirmed. Had a conversation with a good Philippian friend who apologised for being away on the 4th. He said that his friends would be supporting me, I feel humbled having worked with many of them.

9/4/17 Had another pleasant day here in Seaton this morning. Approached by guy in Tescos to put Poster board up at his property, who am I to say no! Attended a candidates meeting in Exeter in the afternoon and the expectations are for plenty of gains here in the South West. A Devon County gain is on the cards if things go well.

7/4/17 Spent today chatting to friends whilst delivering leaflets in the nice weather. Attended a funeral this afternoon of a lovely chap who did work for others! Leafletted the Town centre this evening and it seems I’m buying someone a pint this evening at Winstons. That’s what happens when you talk to people, luv it. Yesterday the grankids and I did 600 leaflets wow!

4/4/17 Leafletting in Seaton this afternoon along Harepath road today with 2 grandchildren today. Good reception from people I met, response better than 4 years ago. By the end of the day got 2 deliverers and a great Poster site at the end of Harepath. it is great actually chatting to people. Talked to some guy at 10.00pm tonight whilst walking the dogs, about dog fouling, started apprehensively ended amicably. I love Seaton!!!!!

3/4/17 Started leafleting Beer today with the Grankids. It was a long afternoon but very enjoyable. Met some friendly natives who actually knew me, a good sign. Took the monsters to Peco and we managed to catch the last train ride.

11/2/17 Weather in Seaton is pretty dire but Arsenal at last managed to win a match. The girls won a good match in the Fed Cup just the Rugby to come! Great to see kids playing in the Jurassic Mini Golf, didn’t realise it was open. Had the pleasure of moving the approval of the Seaton beach( trebere) at EDDC and getting a 9-3 vote in favour, against the officers advise. This will help the regeneration of Seaton! On the reverse the application for 36 houses for Rowan drive was also approved . I think the officers got this wrong but at least we get 9 affordable properties in Seaton, something we have failed to do for quite a while!

30/1/17 A pretty miserable day here in Seaton with the mist coming in of the sea and the incessant rain. Got a few responses to the TIC question will pass on to Martin Pigott who is interested in the results.

29/1/17 What a weekend, finally on a winning team at skittles on Friday! Watched Arsenal put 5 passed Southampton, could have been more. Took the grankids to Peco today & they really had a good time playing with other kids there. Sat through that odious man Farage spouting forth his friendship with Trump, what a pair.

27/1/17 over a week since last blog! Finally won a game of skittles for Winstons A against Heathfield A at home. A quiet day in the PO shop today even the Mayor did not speak to me when he came in. I think he is upset that I have been asking the views of Seaton residents about the TIC.

18/1/17 Always nice to hear good news on the Tennis front. Well done Dan Evans playing really well. We now know what the Tories want to do about the EU. My daughters friend has been made redundant by a London firm who deal with Europe. Sadly we will hear more of this. The £ is suffering and that fuel price seems to rise every week! Hospital beds set to close and problems at A & E with reduced Care money by the Tory County Council outlook looks bleak!

16/1/17 Is this weather really right for January too nice me thinks. Received more complaints about dog fouling in Seaton although I haven’t seen too much myself. So many shops in the town closed at the moment, very depressing for those shopkeepers open. I wonder if the Town Council can help in any way?

14/1/17 Scrappy had her stitches out, Arsenal scored 4 goals spent the day at a County seminar at #starcross …. whats not to like about Devon. They is a definite mood of optimism pervading through the party, helped of course by the 2 by-election results on Thursday!

8/1/17 Watched Endeavour this evening, excellent. Feeling like crap though, stinking cold so this is as much as I can be bothered to do!!

7/1/17 Missed a day already not a good start. Scrappy went to the Vets and she is fine. Arsenal win after a struggle in the Cup! Did not receive the draft budget yesterday how is one supposed to make an informed decision on Monday!!

5/1/17 Must start writing these in the morning as my memory gets worse or so the grankids tell me. Took Scrappy for his op this morning and, thank God, picked him up this evening from the Vets. Very unsteady, me after a game of skittles, but determined to show that age is not a problem. Eat her food & came for a walk with Teddy. Also picked up a rat for Erin lets hope it doesn’t escape!! Finally got Council draft minutes, what was the problem? Still waiting for the draft budget hope to get it before Mondays meeting.

4/1/17 Had a meeting at Marshlands this morning chaired by Cllr Martin Pigott. Always entertaining when Martin is in the chair you never know what will turn up and be discussed. Communities committee is a vital part of promoting Seaton and it is a shame that members of the public do not attend and hear the good things suggested by the members.

3/1/17 A nice day here in Seaton. Sunny but cold but the dogs are happy on the seafront. Town centre had people in it for a change, still worried about the state of the road in the pedestrian area. Town Council is open today called in to get the minutes of the last Council meeting. It seems they are still not available, no reason given. Took some pics of the beach, lovely red sky. Cannot believe Arsenal managed a draw!!!

2/1/17 Another quiet day here in Seaton. Weather has definitely improved but is otherwise cold. Next Monday Seaton Town Council is holding a meeting to set the precept for the forthcoming year. An important meeting which is open to the public.

1/1/17 A good day to start the blog again. A new year and a miserable wet January day what more could you ask. The Co-op is enjoying the business with Tesco closed, people do not realise until they are there! Hot topic of discussion is the tempary closure of the Tourist Information Centre as the Jurassic Centre is closed till the 11th of February.

8/3/16 Woke up today feeling very rough. Had to give my apologies for not being able to get to Sidmouth for the DMC(planning meeting). Pendeen was on the agenda … I fear the worst. But on a good note a very very good note we have a planning application in for a Hotel on Harbour Road!!!!!

22/10 Still looking for a skittles player for Friday games for PJ’s. If you know anyone give us a line. Last night at EDDC I raised the question of Beach hut sales with the Tory leader. He got his facts wrong and stated that not one resident has asked him to increase the rents….

17/10 A bit overcast in Seaton but the dogs enjoyed their walk on the beach Hot topics in Seaton are the proposed houses on the green wedge, the removal of the police station in Queen St and the loss of x53 buses for the winter. The last 2 items are more County issues so l am waiting for comments from our County Cllr Jim Knight………….

13/10 It has been a while but a daily blog should be daily! Visited the Trinity Hill reserve with the Exmoor ponies & then had a tour of the Wetlands with the Countryside team. The Wetlands are a great place to take the family!

26/5 The weather has been wonderful today here in Seaton. The picnic in the park was a great success
22/4 Great day leafleting around the Town Centre. Had a nice time chatting to residents of Seaswift & Queen Street. Just had to order some more posters as I have run out. May this weather stay for a while. People unhappy with the Underfleet being closed with little warning!

28/12 Well it a nice sunny day here in Seaton & people are emerging from their Christmas slumbers. Along with many people I worked over Christmas at the Post Office & shop.

3/12 Weather here in Seaton has finally got colder so those heating bills will start to get bigger! Glad to see some new businesses opening in Queen Street/Cross Street. I hope the residents of Seaton make use of them

23/11 A lovely day here in Seaton. If only the pups lead had not broken & the Grandchildren behaved themselves, but that is life! Seaton Town council, lead by the Mayor Gaynor Sedgwick, turned down supporting Seaton Primary Community pool to the tune of £5,000. Lets hope this doesn’t stop the pool being open during the season!

22/11 It has been a long while since a blog so here goes. The most important decision facing Seaton is the planning application to develop Harbour Road with a retirement home.

24/7 Went to the open evening of the new Hansford funeral parlour in Harbour Road. Went to a funeral service at Overmass & Chapple this morning for Jim Merritt. Had a lovely evening with Steph ‘Jilll’ Jones. I have known Steph for many years and she has stood up for Seaton on every occasion. Still annoyed that she changed parties but I will not hold that against her!! “Seaton has been a better place with you on the council!”

23/7 had the pleasure of a tour of the Axe estuary wetlands and the new town of cranbrook. Found the wetlands absolutely brilliant and the new town of Cranbrook very underwhelming!

22/7 Had a tour, courteous of EDDC, of the Axe valley wetlands today. They are one of the biggest assets that Seaton has and must be expanded to improve visitor numbers. Perhaps a new branding could help ….. Seaton Natural Reserve!!

Another lovely day in Seaton today hope the traders do well. Tonight Seaton Town Council meet…. 7.00 Planning & Full Council after. An application for 3 houses in Fremington looks interesting.
On the Full Council agenda I have 2 motions with the access to Cliff Field Gardens from the Road I believe a necessity to encourage people to us it.

Today the Sun has been shining all day in Seaton, a great day for the Air Ambulance Street Fair on the Seafront. Nice to see the British Legion, Lions, Carnival, Lifeboats & Guides with stalls there along with the commercial. We are so lucky in Seaton to have so many organisations working for the common good.

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