Town Council agree to support latest application in the hope of work starting sooner than later


14/1897/FUL | Erection of 2no. sculptured waves and 2 no. interpretive pillars | Seaton Seafront Seaton


Comment just in from Environment Agency

Comment Date: Wed 17 Sep 2014
Environment Agency Position
We object to this proposal for the following reasons.

The proposed sculptures are located on land that forms part of the Seaton Coastal Defence Scheme; a flood alleviation scheme that is operated and maintained by the Environment Agency.

The proposed sculptures and interpretation pillar appear to be located in a manner that would;
a) prevent the closure of the main flood gates that facilitate vehicular access through the sea wall, and;
b) would restrict our access to the flood wall for necessary inspection, repair and maintenance purposes.

For both of these reasons we object to the proposed development.

It is also important that the applicant notes that any structures such as those proposed within 7m of such coastal flood defences will require our Flood Defence consent under the terms of the Water Resources Act 1991. We will with hold our consent for any structures that would restrict our ability to safely access, operate, maintain and rebuild such a structure.


Why is the County Council not taking responsibility for the damaged flowerbeds on Seaton seafront. Nothing has been done since they were damaged at the beginning of the year. East Devon have repaired the damage that they are responsible for but Devon County seem unable too. During Carnival week we had lots of complaints about the state of the Flowerbeds and they certainly didn’t help during Seaton in Bloom. I wonder what our County Councillor J. Knight is doing about it. We will keep you informed