Proposed Bed closures in East Devon gets support at EDDC

On Wednesday I proposed a motion at Sidmouth EDDC Full Council As you can see this was accepted by all, except for one Conservative who abstained! You may wonder why so late in the day? Councils move slowly this motion was submitted 17 DAYS ago! … before the Devon MP’s debated in Parliament. Everyone must do what they can to tell the NEW Devon CCG that their proposals are totally unacceptable.
We have a meeting organised on FRIDAY 4TH 2.00pm at the Town Hall …the Gateway

The proposals have been expressed as four options, outlined in full below.
In addition to the consistent and enhanced provision of community health and social care delivered in people’s homes, the services will be supported by consolidated community inpatient beds in the following possible configurations:
•Option A Beds at Tiverton (32), Seaton (24) and Exmouth (16)
•Option B Beds at Tiverton (32), Sidmouth (24) and Exmouth (16)
•Option C Beds at Tiverton (32), Seaton (24) and Exeter (16)
•Option D Beds at Tiverton (32), Sidmouth (24) and Exeter (16)

The preferred option is A, as this combination results in the smallest changes in travel time and has greatest whole system impact.
Honiton Hospital and Okehampton Hospital do not appear in any of the shortlisted options. Subject to consultation, the proposal would mean that there will be no inpatient beds on either of these sites and the new model of care would be implemented. Full details are provided in the consultation document.

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