Seaton Community Beds gone

At just after 3pm today the Governing body of NEWDevonCCG voted to support the recommendation 4 :Taking into account the options evaluation, and based on differentiation of inequalities, it is recommended that, on balance, the Governing Body decides to choose Sidmouth as the 24 bedded hospital. Myself, Martin Pigott, Dr Coop & Dr Welland were there from Seaton to hear this devastating news. They went through the report which seemed to favour Seaton until it came to talk about the size of the towns! There are more older people in Sidmouth & more over 85, they forget we have the Ax valley area. We were told Seaton & Sidmouth have the same demographics and are as affluent as each other. I, frankly do not agree with this and I am sure everyone who believes Sidmouth always gets the lions share do as well! I could say a lot more but I am so angry and it is a good idea to stop here by saying cuts in the #nhs by the Tory government have forced these decisions on us.

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